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In today's market, customers are bombarded with up to 10.000 ads daily.

The sheer volume makes it challenging for any ad to make a lasting impact.‍

Other brands are screaming for your customers' attention every second.

Simply mimicking your competitors' ads or relying on overused formats is not going to cut it.

Even UGC isn't the ultimate formula anymore.

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The core issue?

Your ads are not fully resonating with your audience. They need to speak directly to their needs, interests, and desires.

That's where our AI research Framework comes in..

Discover our steps to success

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Over the last months, we developed our AI-research Framework.

It’s a AI-driven research method that helped several brands find scalable ads, without giving up profit margins.

The framework has two pieces. Let’s break them down.

A relatable and specific story

Every winning ad we’ve made had each of the following elements

A relatable story that speaks directly to the target audience

Written with clear and concise messaging

Balancing emotional connection and logical reasoning

Taking away doubts by handling objections and adding social proof


The AI-Research Framework

This framework is all about really understanding what your customers think and feel.

As the name implies: neurological insights into your customers.

Or in other words, a mechanism that lets us take a look inside the minds of your customers.

It’s an internally developed AI research & strategy method that allows us to quickly…

…and accurately uncover what customers really want.

It makes us understand the WHY of you audience.

And it makes our copy way more effective and profitable because of that.

Let’s compare what we do vs what other agencies do

What we do vs what other agencies do.

Generalized Strategies
Imitation of big brands
Surface level scriptwriting
Assumption based strategy
AI driven research
Neurological Insights
Customer-centric Scriptwriting
Data-driven Strategy

Our process

Research & Creative Strategy
We begin with a deepdive to understand your brand and your audience. This lays the foundation for a  creative strategy that speaks directly to your customers.
Script writing & Production
Next, we will execute on the strategy, by writing the scripts, selecting the actors, and editing the final assets.
Launch & Iterate
We’ll launch the ads, analyze the data and make decisions on which optimizations to make. Based on our new learnings, we will iterate and adjust our strategy.
Creatives that convert
Creatives that convert

We implemented this framework across 25+ European brands. Here's what happened

€920,229 generated from 2 direct response ads.

While helping Cloudpillo scale to 7-figures a year during 10 months, we tested 100+ concepts in the Netherlands and Germany.

The best 2 spent over €200k and generated almost €1M over the last months - in just The Netherlands.

Below target CPA
Dutch & German Ads
100+ concepts tested

293% growth in just 2 months

BALZY approached us because two other agencies couldn’t get their ads to perform. In fact, they were losing thousands every day. 

After working with us for just 60 days, we found 2 winning concepts that scaled their revenue by 293%, while lowering their acquisition costs by 66%, and increasing their net profit by 114%.

Outperformed 2 other agencies
+114% profit increase
66% Lower CPA

500%+ growth from DR ads in 75 days

Our Home & garden client was doing €20k per month before we helped them with their creatives. After testing 10 concepts, they grew 500%+ and reached €105k in just 75 days!

ROAS 3.36
Media buying included
500% growth

Crosslab makes very good videos. As a result, we also see that conversion from videos has really improved recently. Also great communication, so if you are looking for a good partner for UGC in Dutch and German, I would definitely recommend going with Crosslab.

Lars - Cloudpillo

In a short period of time, we achieved over 500% growth with Crosslab's Direct Response strategies. These results were primarily due to excellent onboarding, which allowed Crosslab to accurately identify our target audience. This resulted in DR ads that performed well right away, even with an older target audience.

Founder Home & Garden Brand

Since working with Crosslab our net profit increased by 114%, while our overall spend increased by 56%.
Crosslab really under promises and over delivers, and they are the only agency we've worked with that dives deep into the data to figure out what's next.

Nathan - BALZY

These guys make great ads that outperformed every agency we every worked with. They found scalable ads in the first batch. Would definitely recommend, well done.

Aaron - Napson

Some recent top performers 👇

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Answers to your questions

How are you different from other agencies?

Over the past 13 months we've built a track record of helping multiple brands scale significantly with our direct response ads, without giving up on profit margins. We are and will be a boutique agency, because we prefer focusing on client results, rather than churning and burning.

Do you guarantee results?

No. We evaluate clients prior to onboarding to ensure our ability to deliver amazing results and improve efficiency.

Do I need to pay for the creators?

No, all the costs are included in the package.

What is your average turn around time?

For the first batch of creatives, 15 - 20 days. After that, we can deliver new batches and iterations weekly.

How much does it cost?

Our prices will be based on your goals and needs. We'll make you an offer if we think we are a good fit.

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